Air Moldova Company it has been a leader on the avia market of The Republic of Moldova. Nowadays, almost half of the flights operated on the travel market of the country belong to „Air Moldova”. The company uses The Inernational Chisinau Airport for all flights. At the present moment the company operates flights to more than 25 destinations. As a matter of fact, Air Moldova offers now flights to all important capital cities from Europe and Asia.

Internationally, the company is recognised as being stable and reliable. The company Air Moldova owns the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) certificate from 2008. The same year the company appears on IATA register. This proves once again its status that fits the international quality and safety standards.

At the same time Air Moldova started partnership relations with many other air copmanies in order to offer the customers the possibility to fly in all the cities of the world. The company collaborates with: “Lufthansa”, “Aeroflot, “United Airlines” etc.

The main destinations where the company`s fleet lands are: Moscow, Sankt-Petersburg, Milano, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Bucharest. It operates also season flights to Dublin, Soci, Surgut and Antalya.

The Air Moldova fleet owns the following aircrafts: A 320, Embraer 190 and Embraer 120. Air Moldova has the following classes of service: econom and business. In 2008 the company has launched a new campaign of low-cost flights, the tickets rates starting from 39 euro. The company operates line, cargo and charter flights.

On AVIA.MD you will find the latest Air Moldova information on:

  • flight schedule
  • flight destination
  • flight tickets rates
  • air company promotions

or you can contact anytime the flight tickets agents on the following number: 00 373 22-890-890

Air Moldova has direct routes to the following cities:

  • Chisinau-Moscow
  • Chisinau-Saint-Petersburg
  • Chisinau-Rome
  • Chisinau-Venice
  • Chisinau-Milan
  • Chisinau-Bologna
  • Chisinau-Verona
  • Chisinau-Frankfurt
  • Chisinau-Viena
  • Chisinau-Paris
  • Chisinau-London
  • Chisinau-Dublin
  • Chisinau-Madrid
  • Chisinau-Athens
  • Chisinau-Larnaca
  • Chisinau-Istanbul
  • Chisinau-Antalya
  • Chisinau-Nizhnevartovsk
  • Chisinau-Surgut
  • Chisinau-Torino
  • Chisinau-Barcelona
  • Chisinau-Lisbon
  • Chisinau-Sochi
  • Chisinau-Kiev
  • Chisinau-Bucharest