Payment by cards

We accept the following credit cards: Visa and MasterCard

Methods of payment:

  1. Remote Payment confirmed by fax or e-mail. For remote payments by credit card you must complete a standard authorization form and send it to us by fax you should send this form with the signature of the owner and a copy of both sides of the card.
  2. Online Payment on the website AVIA.MD. Credit Card Payment with authorization of bank cards over the Internet takes place through a processing center in "Moldova-Agroindbank" Chisinau, Moldova with using credit cards with the following payment systems: VISA (Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum) and MasterCard (MasterCard Mass, MasterCard Gold, MasterCard Platinum).

Data transfer

  1. To make a payment you will need to provide your credit card information. Transmission of this information is in compliance with all necessary security measures. The data will be reported only to the authorization server through a secure channel (Protocol SSL 3.0). Information is transmitted in encrypted form and stored only on dedicated server payment system.

Online payment process on AVIA.MD

  1. When choosing a form of payment with credit card online at the site AVIA.MD payment for ticket is produced immediately after its registration. After completing the selection and design of flight tickets, go to the payment page at the same site with a form to enter the data on the card,it is a secure page of the authorization server of the bank, and on it you will be prompted to enter your credit card, authorization, to initiate it.
  2. Then the system will notify you about results of the authorization. In case of confirmation the authorization on the map will be blocked the amount corresponding to price. Withdraw funds from the card will only happen with the direct discharge of the ticket.
  3. In case of failure of the bank's processing center in the authentication card, we recommend you to use other available methods of payment, coordinating it with our operator.

Cancel subscription

  1. In case of refusal of the purchased services, only refund to the card from which orders have been paid in accordance with the rules of the service can be made. Contact our agent for the sale of tickets, to clarify the procedure for booking refunds.


  1. If the card holder himself does not use the ordered services ( when the ticket is booked not on his name), then we will have to fill out to request the cardholder authorization letter and a copy of the card to send it the company office by fax. Otherwise, the reception of online payment will be refused and the amount refunded on the card.

Protection of information about the holder of a credit card when paying for flights on AVIA.MD

  1. In order payment by credit card is no information about the number , expiration date or other parameters of the card, except the name of the cardholder ,that is not transmitted or stored on site AVIA.MD.
  2. Whole process of authorization and transfer of funds from the card is made by them in the mode of a secure connection to the server operator processing & Acquiring products licensed by international payment systems Visa International and MasterCard to perform this type of work. For the site AVIA.MD processing and acquiring carries "Moldova-Agroindbank" Chisinau, Moldova.
  3. Neither AVIA.MD site software, nor the employees store card users data, used by them to pay for AVIA.MD, digitally or via electronic media.

Preventing bank cards fraud

  1. In order to prevent bank card fraud (fraud control), in particular, in the case of discrepancy between the name of the cardholder and one of the passengers, AVIA.MD reserve the right to request by fax or mail a copy of the bank card with the handwritten signature of the owner.
  2. If you change the value of the order or purchase additional services after a successful electronic authorization of online payment by credit card, the amount charged from the payer's card with his consent and based on its previous authorized payment for the order.