How to pay for flight ticket

How to pay for air ticket

By Cash in the office:

  • 5 Negruzzi Ave., tel. 022-890-890
  • 64 Decebal Ave, tel. 022-890-890
  • Airport, lobby, tel. 022-890-890

Cash in the bank or at the post office:

  • Moldova-Agroindbank – within all branches across Moldova
  • Mobiasbank – within all branches across Moldova
  • Moldindconbank – within all branches across Moldova
  • Victoriabank – within all branches across Moldova
  • Posta Moldovei - Within all post offices across Moldova

Bank transfer:

To the settlement account of Solei Turism

Bank card:

On-line on the site, within the office of Solei Turism via POS-terminal

Service for booking air tickets and payment online on AVIA.MD is offering different possibilities to pay for booked tickets.

1. Cash procedure of paying.

You can pay by cash directly from any of the selling points of "MS TRAVEL GROUP" Company or from its authorized partners from the offices of our company in some of the towns from Moldova. In case of delivery by courier you can pay directly to the courier, that will deliver your ticket(s) and any other necessary documents.

2. Bank card.

Cardholders can pay for a ticket remotely and personally (from the office, "MS TRAVEL GROUP" Company situated on 5, Negruzzi Boulevard, Chisinau city).

2.1. Remote transfer with credit cards – it is the fastest way to pay for tickets or reservations at the hotel, no matter what part of the country or the world you are. There are two options for remote payments by credit card:

a) Payment by credit card with an authorization letter. In this case, the ammount of money is charged from the card by the operators of "Solei-Tourism" company, based on your permission, that is sent by fax that is certified with your personal signature.

b) Online payment by credit card. Payment is made directly to you, by passing the procedure of paying to the operators at the sale point. Map information is transmitted in a encrypted form on a secure channel (Protocol SSL 3.0) to the bank. AVIA.MD operators are just receiving confirmation of payment from the bank.

2.2. Payment by credit card personally through the POS-terminal to the sales office, of "MS TRAVEL GROUP" company.

This option is useful if you are in the sales office and you wish to pay by credit card.

3. Cash payment in any branch of any of the following banks in Moldova: Moldova-Agroindbank, Moldindconbank, Victoriabank, Mobiasbanca, Eximbank, as well as any of the post offices Posta Moldovei. In order to pay your ticket you should have on hand the invoice of ticket. Such an invoice can be obtained directly from the agent for the sale of airline tickets or it can be sent to the email address you specified when booking air tickets from the site AVIA.MD. In this invoice, there is a booking code by this code the payment instantly is credited to the account of "MS TRAVEL GROUP" company. Information is available emidiatly for the sale agent so he can draw and write your booked ticket.

4. Money transfer to the account of "MS TRAVEL GROUP" company. To get a ticket, paid by bank transfer, you must provide the sale agent with a confirmation of payment, and power of attorney from the company, that paid the ticket. For getting the ticket and the tax invoices.

Statement documents

Accounting documents will be written on the date of receiving the money on our bank account.

Currency Conversion

Cost of services in the system is specified in Euro.