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Located at the confluence of the Liffey River with the Dublin Bay of the Irish Sea.

The largest city on the island of Ireland and in the republic, covering almost 115 km².

The main port of the country, located off the coast of the Irish Sea. The main center of the political, economic and cultural life of the country.


What to watch and where to go?

Dublin Castle

the main government building complex in Dublin. Until 1922 - the main outpost of Britain in Ireland. Although the castle existed already under King John, the first Lord of Ireland, most of the buildings in the complex date from the 18th century. Currently, the crypt of the royal chapel houses an arts center, and the dungeons of the castle are used for concerts.

Guinness Beer Museum

one of the iconic landmarks of the capital of Ireland, built in 1904. The museum has a bar "Gravitation", a souvenir shop where you can buy sweets with beer stuffing, among the themes of the exhibition halls are the history, traditions of the brand, methods of making beer and ways of its distribution, a collection of advertisements and beer barrels, a section for visitors' notes, an observation deck on the rooftop of a building with a panoramic view of Dublin, where everyone will be offered a free pint of the factory beer. The museum's atrium is shaped like a pint beer glass, which can theoretically hold 14.3 million pints of beer.

Phoenix park

park in Dublin, one of the world's largest urban public parks. Located 3 km northwest of Dublin city center and covers an area of 707 hectares. The name of the park comes from the Irish phrase fionn uisce, which means "clear water". The attractions of the park, in addition to the vast population of fallow deer, include: Ashtown Castle of the 15th century, Dublin Zoo, opened in 1831, containing more than 700 species of animals and birds, the Papal Cross, a 63-meter monument in memory of Wellington, a Corinthian column with a phoenix installed in 1747 upstairs.

St patrick's cathedral

the largest cathedral in Ireland. Belongs to the Anglican Church of Ireland. St. Patrick's Cathedral was built near the holy spring of St. Patrick on the island between the two branches of the Poddle River. Now the cathedral is the venue for many public national ceremonies. Memorial Day is celebrated there every November; the ceremony is attended by the President of Ireland.

Halfpenny bridge

arched footbridge over the River Liffey in Dublin, built in 1816. It was originally called Wellington Bridge after Arthur Wellesley Wellington. Prior to the construction of the bridge over the river, there were 7 ferries operated by William Walsh. The ferries were not working well, and Walsh was informed that he must either fix them or build a bridge, Walsh opted for the latter option.

National Gallery of Ireland

art museum in Dublin. The gallery was founded in 1854 and opened to the public 10 years later. The museum houses the world's most complete collection of Irish painting. Also on display are works by Italian, Dutch and other old masters.

Dublin Zoo

located in the Phoenix Park in Dublin. It is one of the most visited tourist attraction in the city. Dublin Zoo was founded in 1830.

Cathedral of Christ

also known as Holy Trinity Cathedral - Dublin's main cathedral. He is the chair of the two archbishops of Dublin Catholic and Anglican Church of Ireland. Cathedral of Christ is located in the center of the historic part of Dublin and is one of the three oldest cathedrals that can be observed from the River Liffey.

Temple Bar

one of the oldest districts in Dublin, home to many pubs and shops. Temple Bar is home to the U2-owned The Clarence Hotel, one of the oldest theater buildings in Europe (Smock Alley Theater), the smallest theater in Ireland (The New Theater), one of the characteristic theaters of the Victorian era (The Olympia). and one of the country's most famous contemporary cultural centers (Project Arts Center).

National Leprechaun Museum

a museum in Dublin dedicated to leprechauns - characters of Irish folklore, little people who are compared to fairies or elves. Opened on March 10, 2010. According to O'Reilly's plan, the museum should become not just a "commercial enterprise", but a story-telling attraction, thanks to which visitors will be imbued with the "experience of leprechauns."


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