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While planning a private or business trip by plane, many travelers have to face often situations that they have never suspected before but which are established by numerous international regulations

for aviation security, internal regulations, of both the airports and airlines but they are mandatory if you want to get on board of the aircraft. From the very beginning travelers have difficulties in finding accurate information about air travel: searching and comparing prices for air tickets, information regarding the booking system and online payment of the purchased tickets, information about the flight destinations, airlines, luggage rules, prices for different age categories, check-in procedure, route connections etc. In order to simplify the efforts of our customers in searching the necessary information on different platforms, AVIA.MD project has selected all the important information in one single place and have created an intelligent system for searching, booking and paying online cheap flight tickets. The system offers information data of about 400 airlines from all over the world, which carry out international flights and integrate the best mechanisms to determine the most optimal criteria of the planned trip: direct flights, connecting flights (the automatic system calculates the minimum time allowed for each separate flight) and the ticket price.
The system is constantly being upgraded and updated with information provided directly by the air carriers and besides the requested destination, offers passengers a variety of alternative options to choose from.
The search results offer customers real-time data and inform accurately about the available airline tickets for a specific airline company.
AVIA.MD managers are always available to provide competent information and qualified support in order to help customers obtain tickets on advantageous conditions, both remotely, by using the online reservation system , as well as directly at the company`s offices that customers can visit daily during the week: on business days from 08:00 to 20:00, on Saturdays from 09:00 to 18:00, on Sundays from 10:00 to 17:00, or by phone on the number +373 22 890 890.
If your place of residence or work is located far from our offices or you are living abroad, the best way is using our online booking service that will allow you purchase the ticket and pay online. Using the system is very easy and simple and does not create difficulties even for people who try to use it for the first time - step by step the guide will help to pass the stages properly, and it will allow you go back to

the previous step in case of mistakes or in case you need to make changes to the destination you are looking for.

AVIA.MD reservation system has been designed by the best specialists and experts in the field and it is recognized nowadays, after many years of experience, as being extremely reliable and unique, integrated into a modern network, internationally certified, providing the highest protection and security for remote payments. A distinguished feature of AVIA.MD that makes it being different from other systems is that in some of the systems the final price of the ticket differs from the price offered at the stage of your search, on AVIA.MD you will have the real ticket prices that will not change and that are easy to choose. Below we offer some of useful tips for buying cheap air tickets for regular flights:

- It is advisable to purchase tickets long in advance. The price will be lower if you make the reservation for your trip 2-3 months in advance. This is the best time to find cheap air tickets. Closer to departure dates, the prices increase by 10-20%.
- When booking your flight ticket always specify the type of fare. There are conditions according to which the ticket is non refundable. These airlines tickets cannot be returned or they do not allow any date change in case the customer changes his plans.
- On Holidays and vacation periods, it is almost impossible to find cheap flights. During such periods the airlines, do not reduce prices and do not offer discounts. The category of “One Way ticket ” as a rule, is more expensive than the “Round Trip ticket”
- Weekend tickets are more expensive than buying tickets on business days.
- It is possible to direct the travel period – the system offers prices in the upcoming days of the requested period, or after it, offering often better rates.
- There are options with connecting flights instead of direct flight that are cheaper. Our agents will inform you about all options so that you select the most convenient one.
- By booking and paying via AVIA.MD you avoid any additional fees and taxes.

All the useful tips we listed for buying cheap air tickets, are valid for regular flights as well and are also applied by airlines specialized in low cost airlines tickets. This is a fast developing field with good perspectives. Please pay attention to the fact that the number of low cost air tickets.

The rates on air tickets also depend on several factors such as excess of luggage, hand luggage, the choice of the seat number on the plane, the check- in method etc. It is also necessary to know that the airlines react promptly to market demands and establish new routes for all popular destinations that are on high demand. Therefore, we recommend following AVIA.MD news to be up to date with the latest information and developments. You may also subscribe to our newsletter to receive the info.

Contacting AVIA.MD agents, you will receive an ample and vast information in the area of such a dynamic and multidimensional industry as Air Transport.

AVIA.MD wishes You a pleasant journey!


  1. The prices on tickets, the flight schedule as well as the information on the availability of seats is displayed online.
  2. The searching engine for cheap airline tickets displays AVIA.MD among the first lines in the search results.
  3. The booking of the ticket as well as the seat can be done directly through the reservation system AMADEUS (Global Distribution System Amadeus)

Tickets reservations via AVIA.MD is one of the most convenient and efficient ways to buy airline tickets. All the information regarding the cost of airline tickets and the availability of seats, AVIA.MD takes from same professional reservation systems, which are installed in all the sales point of flight tickets in Moldova and worldwide. Using our site, you can book the best rates on airline tickets as well as the desirable seats at any time.