Privacy policy

1. These Personal Data Security Rules on the website (hereinafter the Rules) regulate the basic aspects of personal data security in the provision of services of flight ticket booking and sale through the website, which belongs to MS TRAVEL GROUP S.R.L. – hereinafter the Agency.

2. These Rules may be amended, but on the website is permanently placed the last updated version, the conditions of which shall apply to personal data security within their time limit.

3. The Rules shall be supplemented by the provisions of the Regulation on the provision of services through the website, the applicable service provision contract, other documents of the Agency and the legislation in force.

4. Visiting, viewing pages on the website, registering on the page, and booking and paying for flight tickets using the website means that you have read these Rules, you have understood their content and you agree with the conditions therein.

5. The Agency shows a serious attitude towards the protection of personal data.

6. The Agency has developed and will regularly update the General Policy on Personal Data Security, as well as the Regulation on security of information containing personal data in the Customer Records System, which also covers this website.

7. The Agency observes high ethical standards, your interests and the confidentiality of your personal data. Except in cases prescribed and provided for by applicable laws, we will not provide your personal data to third parties without your consent. By placing the tourist service order / concluding the contract, as the case may be, you expressly consent to all actions performed by the Agency with the personal data provided by you.

8. The Agency is controller of personal data, registered in the Register of Operators kept by the CNPDCP of the Republic of Moldova under no. 0000236-001; the main purposes of the actions carried out by the Agency with personal data are the provision of services to customers, the performance of obligations provided in customer contracts, including transmission of customer data to participants in the provision of tourist services – specialized tour operators, hotels, transport companies, authorities involved, etc., including abroad of the Republic of Moldova, customer records, including statistics and sending to customers information on the Agency's offers;

9. You have the right of access to personal data submitted to the Agency, the right of data intervention and opposition, as well as the right of access to justice in accordance with the applicable law, rights which can initially be enjoyed by submitting a written request to the Agency’s office as indicated below.

10. The answers you provide to the Agency's questions, by which your personal data is collected, are mandatory if you wish to receive the services ordered from the Agency.

11. By filling in the Agency's forms including online, you voluntarily and intentionally provide your personal data to the Agency for processing and other related actions, and you understand and accept the effects of such provision.

12. We suggest you to exercise maximum caution and diligence with regard to the personal data: indicate correctly the personal data, submit only the personal data you are prompted to, provide your own personal data; in case you submit personal data of other persons, receive in writing their consent and acceptance of the applicable legislation and contract, the Regulation on providing services through the website and these Rules.

13. Anyway, by providing to the Agency the personal data of persons other than you, you assume full liability for any damage to the Agency or to any natural or legal person, or for any breach of the law, this Agreement, any regulation or other document related to the security of personal data in any personal data record system, or any right of any natural or legal person.

14. In case of any claim by any person against the Agency in connection with any damage or infringement committed by you, you will immediately become the recipient of the claim and you will replace the Agency in any and all claims, proceedings and similar situations before the claimant.

15. However, in case the Agency incurs any damages or expenses, or any amounts are collected from the Agency in connection with any damages or breaches caused by you, you will fully compensate the Agency for all damages and expenses incurred.

16. All services offered by/through are provided by the Agency in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova. The Agency's Head Office is located in bd. Negruzzi 5-89, Chisinau, MD-2001, Republic of Moldova. The company was registered on 09.02.2001, IDNO 1002600019715.