Low cost flight tickets

Low Cost airline tickets – a definition in the field of civil aviation, which characterizes passenger carriers and offers passengers low cost flights obtaining these facilities by eliminating traditional services at the airport and on board of the aircraft.


- One class only – no Business Class is provided on board. All passengers are flying in standard, similar conditions.

- One type of aircraft – it reduces significantly training and maintenance costs.

- Modern and periodically renewed fleet – new aircrafts consume less fuel and are less affected by malfunctions.

- A minimum of additional equipment – reduces the weight of the aircraft and as a result reduces fuel consumption.

- Increasing the cost of the ticket in dependence of the available seats, less seats, more expensive the ticket. Encouraging preliminary air tickets reservations so purchasing in advance allows you save considerably on the ticket price.

- Low cost airline tickets are non-refundable so be prepared that in case you change your plans you will lose your money – read carefully the conditions of the carriers when purchasing the ticket.

- Luggage is not included in the ticket price. The luggage is to paid additionally that increases the total cost of your ticket. However you can take your luggage on board The size and weight are strictly limited. Usually they are 55x40x20 cm. and 10 kg which allows to take in a medium backpack or a small suitcase. Be careful what you carry in your hand luggage –liquids, sharp objects are banned.

- The lack, in some cases, of the seats numbers mentioned in the boarding pass, in this case

- A vacant seat is to be taken.

- Performing a large number of flights with the same aircraft a day.

- Minimum of free on-board services.

- Meals on board have to be paid. During the flight attendants are offering food and drinks.

These can be purchased at an additional cost.

- On board sales of additional goods and services like cosmetics, souvenirs, drinks.

- Low cost companies use small airports where the costs of the rent is lower.

- Buses are not taking passengers from the plane to airport entrance, passengers usually walk by themselves although the plane usually stops very close to the entrance and this is not a disadvantage.

- The aircraft is used at the maximum. Low cost airlines aircrafts never station for a long time at the airport. As a rule, the plane arrives at a certain time before the flight. After landing the staff proceeds with the boarding of new passengers and the plane continues the route.

There are several similar flights during the day.