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Airticket booking conditions

All the services provided by are executed with liability by the company "MS TRAVEL GROUP" LTD in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova.

The company "MS TRAVEL GROUP" LTD was registered by the Registration Chamber of the Republic of Moldova, the registration certificate: MD-0013776 issued the 09.02.2001.
State Identification Number - fiscal code (IDNO) 1002600019715.

The postal, legal and actual address of the company: 5, Negruzzi Blvd., Chisinau, MD-2001, Republic of Moldova.

IATA Agent Cod 69 3 2007 5 (IATA - International Air Transport Association). tel. +373 22 890-890+373 22 890-890, +373 22 840-840+373 22 840-840

1. About AVIA.MD travel services

1.1. The AVIA.MD service belongs to "MS TRAVEL GROUP"SRL, Chisinau, Moldova, and the services for booking and payment for airline e-tickets through the website are provided in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Moldova. AVIA.MD was made for indipendent customer`s use.

1.2. AVIA.MD Service is a dynamic system, it means that any time its components can be changed and the updated information can be filled out. Therefore, all the information received by the client on his request is offered to be used as it comes (AS it IS). For each particular request the information about flight options available in the system, is a public irrevocable offer. Payment for the option chosen by the client`s flight is an acceptance of the public offer.

1.3. The AVIA.MD independent service providers are the airlines. The information on existing air fares and fare rules is an information given by the service provider and is placed in an international air ticket reservation system. The customer accesses the service using AVIA.MD. This Service is not responsible for the actions and errors of any service provider when providing information on services or for any errors or inaccurate information on services, as well as any damage or losses caused by such information.

2. Information about the customer - the buyer

2.1. In the implementation of booking and payment of any services through the site the Customer warrants that all information communicated about themselves, their families mentioned in the booking order is accurate and up to date.

AVIA.MD reserves the right to cancel the order if personal or contact information was listed incorrectly or not listed.

3. Free space in the airplane and their costs

3.1. Information about availability of seats on the plane and the cost is available to the client in online mode (real time) after receiving information from the international reservation systems (estimated up to 2 minutes) - 24 hours a day, 7 days per week (24/7)

4. Hotel rooms, tours and their prices

4.1. You can get information about tours to Moldova, the availability of hotel rooms in Chisinau and their value at + (37322) 890-057.

4.2. Notification of tours, the presence (or absence) of hotel rooms and costs in online mode on request) is transmitted to the client on the period from 2 hours to 2 days, from Monday to Friday during business hours from 7:00 to 16:00 GMT (c 9:00 to 18:00 local time).

4.3. Confirmation of information on the availability of hotel rooms is carried out by AVIA.MD by telephone and / or e-mail or by fax.

5. Reservation payment (tickets, hotel rooms, etc.)

5.1. The reservation is proceeded (tickets issued, hotel reservation completed, tour confirmed ) only after making the payment.

5.2. Availability of places in aircraft and their cost - is a dynamic information that changes according to availability. This information is provided online in real time and updated automatically, immediately, as soon as the situation has changed.

5.3. If the appropriate ticket is found, then the payment can be made immediately, ON-LINE. If it's permitted by the rules of registration, the payment of the order can be made no later than the date specified in the ticket invoice. The invoice with the information about air travel, airfare, terms of payment will be sent to the client on the address mentioned while making the booking. In the absence of the payment confirmation ticket on the mentioned terms - the reservation is automatically canceled.

5.4. Current ticket price is only valid at the time of the request. The rates of certain tariffs, according to the rules of the airline is valid only when you issue your ticket on the day of booking. If it's statement cannot be made in the day of booking, individual airlines reserve the right to change the price of the ticket. Specifications related to the etickts rates can be obtained from the air tickets agent by phone or email.

5.5. Unpaid bookings (airline tickets, hotel rooms, tours and other services / products) will be canceled.

5.6. Booking and payment of air tickets online on AVIA.MD can be made by the customer only if he or she is 18 ad up years old.

5.7. Site visitors who have registered on the website AVIA.MD, can see the status of their application or the status of the payment on their personal client area.

6. Methods of Payment

6.1. Once you book a flight, the system will issue on AVIA.MD a unique number of your order (ID order) and send it to the email address that you specified when making the booking. Remember or write down or print it, so you can specify it when paying to the bank or in the office of "MS TRAVEL GROUP" company.

6.2. Ticket can be paid by one of the three methods

a) ON-LINE, using a credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard.

b) In any branch of any of the following banks of Moldova: Moldova-Agroindbank, Moldindconbank, Victoriabank, Mobiasbank, as well as at any of the post offices of Posta Moldovei.

c) Cash, in any of the MS TRAVEL GROUP offices or at their partners offices throughout the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

6.3. Tours in Moldova, hotel rooms in Chisinau can be paid cash or by credit card in any of the MS TRAVEL GROUP offices.

7. Security information regarding the credit card and its holder

a) The process of authorization and transfer of funds from the card of the customer is a secure connection to the server of the bank's processing center Moldova-Agroindbank SA, Chisinau, Moldova - licensed by international payment systems Visa International and Master Card for execution of this type of work.

b) The information about bank card holders Name and address of the payer must coincide with the name and address of the owner of the credit card, from which the payment has been charged.

8. Delivery of ticket

8.1. Ticket can be issued in the form of an electronic ticket, or in the form of a printed ticket.

a) Delivery of ticket in electronic form is made by e-mail.

b) Delivery of ticket in print form can be carried out by a courier. Usual delivery in Chisinau - within the next working day after buying the ticket, or by agreement with the agent for the sale of tickets. The delivery is free of charge.

9. Air tickets modification and return terms

9.1. Any ticket refund is question of penalties (up to 100% of the cost). In case of changes or ticket cancellations you should contact the operator by phone + (373 22) 890-890(373 22) 890-890.

10. Hotel booking cancellation or changes terms

a) Any change in a hotel booking is possible only through the cancellation of the initial reservation and making a new one.

b) The customer has the opportunity to cancel his reservation without penalty payments from the paid reservation no later than 72 hours before the supposed date of arrival to the hotel.

c) In case of cancellations made less than 72 hours before the supposed arrival date or in cases of No-Shows the custumer is paying a penalty of 100% of the value of the room for the first night.

d) Cancellations of a hotel booking during the week-end or on holidays shall be submitted for consideration in the following business day

e) If you cancel a paid order the refund is made according to the rules of the hotel - the service provider according to standard rules as well as with an individual approach - for a specific hotel or room. In case of changes or cancellations, please contact the operator on the phone + (373 22) 890-057(373 22) 890-057

11. Refunds

11.1. If the payment was made by credit card, then the refund is made to the same card that had benn charged for the services.

11.2. If the payment was made by other different forms, then the refund is made to our office (5, Negruzzi blvd) by personal visit of the client. For more details please, contact us by phone + (373 22) 890-890(373 22) 890-890.

12. Responsibilities of the parties

12.1. The responsibilities of the parties with reference to the reservation and payment on AVIA.MD website is described in the section «Legal Information."

13. Personal details and information

13.1. All personal data specified by the user at login are used exclusively to process the sale services, for identification and customer support on AVIA.MD.

13.2. AVIA.MD under no conditions shall disclose or transmit personal data to any third parties , as well as not using them for unauthorized distribution of materials that do not relate to the User orders.

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