Flight ticket booking cancellation

Airticket booking cancellation

I. CANCELLATION of a paid air ticket

1.1. If you cancel the ticket, the refund is made according to the rules of the service provider - airline company. The information on the fare rules, including the terms of cancellation / can be found on AVIA.MD in the form of air ticket booking;

1.2. Cancellation (refund) of almost any ticket provides penalties (up to 100% of cost);

1.3. Be aware - cheaper the ticket is, higher the return fares will be;

1.4. For ticket cancellation ,you should contact the agent for the sale of tickets by phone. (373 22) 890-890, which will inform you about the terms of repayment and cancellation of air tickets;

1.5. Since in most of the cases the amount of the penalty for the return increases as we approach the date of travel, we recommend you to inform the operator in advance about any changes in your itinerary on the phone. (373 22) 890-8

II. REFUNDS for cancelled TICKETS

2.1. If the payment was made by credit card, then the refund is made to the same card that had been charged for the services;

2.2. If the payment was made through other forms payment, then refunds is made by a personal visit to the sales office (blvd, Chisinau, 5; Blvd. Decebal, 64). Details on tel. (373 22) 890 890.

III. RESERVATION CANCELLATION. Attention to passengers:

3.1. If you postpone the trip, please cancel your reservation. Then somebody else will be able to purchase your cancelled seat;

3.2. If you choose an air ticket, but did not pay it, then the reservation can be canceled in two ways:

First method - automatically on the expiry of the reservation

Second method- after calling the sales office on tel. (373 22) 890 890