How to find low cost flight tickets

Cheap tickets. Tips

  • Tip 1. Tickets at the lowest tariff It is known that airlines offer a limited number of places at lowest tariffs. So, obviously, if you make your reservation the earlier you can, you get good chances to buy an air ticket at the lowest tariff.
  • Tip 2. Optimal terms of stay at your destination Air ticket prices are calculated depending on the number of days you pass at your destination. Many minimal tariffs have the rule of minimal stay in the country of destination. For example: to stay not less than 3 days in your country of destination or to return not sooner than the first Sunday after the departure (the Sunday rule). This rule is applicable only for round trip tickets. That is why you may want to consider the possibility to set optimal terms of your stay at the destination.
  • Tip 3. Look for “round trip” flight options One-way flight usually costs more at many airlines.
  • Tip 4. Flights from other cities You may want to consider the possibility to fly from other cities, for example from Bucharest, Kiev, Odessa, Moscow, given that many airlines offer lower prices when you fly from other cities.
  • Tip 5. Ticket issuance term It is not enough to book an air ticket in advance in order to buy it. Many airlines also provide certain terms for its issuance. For example, the cheapest air tickets to Italy may be bought 21, 14 and 7 days before the flight.
  • Tip 6. Consider holidays and “high season” Depending on the frequency of flights in different periods of the year, airlines set 3 types of seasons: low, average and high. For example: if you want to buy an air ticket to America, you will have to consider that in summer and on holidays prices will be higher than in the rest of the time. So, may want to consider the option to fly another day.
  • Tip 7. Earlier and later travel dates To get lower tariffs for a round trip, it is necessary that low tariffs be available not only for the departure flight, but also for the arrival flight, that you choose. If low tariff tickets are already sold, then the ticket’s final price will be much higher. If possible, you may want to consider the option to fly another day.
  • Tip 8. Enjoy bonus programs from different airlines Personal flights history can be an efficient method to reduce expenses. Thus, accumulating miles, you will win a free ticket, or Business class service, you will have priority at confirmation when on the waiting list and many other advantages, prizes.