Delivery of booked flight tickets

If an e-ticket is available on the flight that you are booking, then You will receive by email on you specified address a ticket itinerary receipt.

The itinerary receipt contains all the information on the flight, including the reservation code (confirmation number). The given receipt should be printed so that you have access at any time at your travel information. At the front desk you will need to present only your passport. When buying a ticket at the agency the itinerary receipt will be printed and will be handed out to the customer.

If an electronic ticket (e-ticket) is not available for your flight, the delivery of the ticket can be implemented in the following ways:

  • You are free to pick up the ticket at the sales office
  • If you are in Chisinau, the delivery of the ticket to Chisinau is free of charge. Ticket delivery usually takes 48 hours
  • You can order the delivery of the ticket via a courier. In this case, the cost of the delivery must be included in the shipping costs.

To clarify the amount of additional costs please, contact the managers of the agency.

Additional costs will be included in the fare which must be charged to your credit card or included in the invoice.