Electronic flight tickets

What is e-ticket?

Electronic ticket or e-tickets, presently, offer by most of air-carriers

Electronic ticket – is an electronic notice about your e-ticket buying, that is saved in the computers system of your airline carrier.

That offers you the possibility to make a trip without having a paper tickets, and exclude the fact that you can lose them or forget at home, at office, at the hotel or anywhere else. Electronic tickets give a set of advantages for the travelers, which are the following: the easiest way of registration at the airport, the possibility of buying the tickets through internet.

When you buy an e-ticket through AVIA.MD, you get a message that confirms your act of buying an e-ticket (by mail).

All information about travel are (keep in save) saved in global reservation/booking system in an electronic form, and the traveler will have only the printed travel route/itinerary. The way of how your ticket looks like exists/is saved only in central base of dates, where all operations are made, inclusively the itinerary describing, information about passenger, way of payment, the flight, rebooking or other actions.

The ticket booking/issuance can be made only by the airline carrier, or by the agency / IATA member and participant of BSP system (or other system of mutual accounts). The system automatically gives a number to the ticket.

The advantage of an electronic ticket is its convenient fare. The ticket price is composed by two components: the fare for transportation and airport taxes and fees. There are airline companies that are taking an extra fee for paper tickets, which is 15euros or more. When a passenger is buying a ticket from the site, he is serving himself so he is not paying for that service. But concomitantly with the electronic system of reservation the paper system will be available.

In the case of an electronic issuance of a ticket, all further changes in you travel, for example rebooking, can be made by phone and the payment for these changes (if its necessary) can be made in the airport, before the departure.

Since the middle of 2006, the airline carriers and airports will implement the “electronic ticket” system, which offers the possibility to command a ticket from the agency’s or airline carrier’s server and past the registration to the flight, by showing the passport only. Already, there are some airports which can offer the passengers with electronic tickets, the possibility of registration on the flight by them selves, using a special registration kiosk (Self Service Check-in Kiosk).