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About Wizz Air

This Hungarian-Polish airline has been operating since 2003. For many people, low cost flight tickets of Wizz air are the only way to get to other countries, to see the world. In September 2013, the company began serving flights to Chisinau, which allowed Moldovans to get the opportunity to fly cheaply to different countries. The company's airplanes fly to the states of Europe, Asia, and Africa. In general, served more than 200 destinations. Every year tens of millions of people use Wizz Air services.



Destinations where Wizz Air flies from Iasi (ias)




Czech Republic










United Kingdom


On Wizz Air flights, each passenger can carry:


  • Free

    One piece of carry-on baggage (max.size 40 x 30 x 20 cm, weight 10 kg), must fit under seat in front of you. It can be a laptop bag, woman’s purse or small backpack.
  • for additional payment

    Trolley Bag - bigger carry-on bag (max size 55 x 40 x 23 cm, weight 10 kg), (e.g. a suitcase on wheels, but wheels must add no more than 5 cm to the size of the bag) Must fit in the overhead compartment.


Checked-In baggage for extra charge

Up to six pieces of checked-in baggage:, while До шести единиц багажа (max size 149 x 119 x 171 cm, but wheels must add no more than 5 cm to the size of the bag)

  • maximum three of which can be purchased online on wizzair.com or via call center,
  • the rest can be purchased at the airport
  • Duty-free items purchased at the airport following security screening.

You can register maximum

  • One free Carry-on Bag (max. size 40 x 30 x 20 cm, 10 kg),
  • Up to six pieces of checked-in baggage, 6 bags of 20 kg, or 6 bags of 32 kg

Despite the fact that Wizz air prices are significantly lower than many of its competitors, this does not negatively affect the quality of service. Passengers appreciate comfort during the flight and service.

Used reliable technology of the modern sample. The basis of the park is the Airbus A320 airplanes. This is one of the most popular cars produced in Europe. The cabin can accommodate 150 - 180 passengers, depending on the modification of the car and the layout.

The carrier is very strict about security issues. Airplanes are checked before each departure. For all the years of work, only two emergency landings associated with faults were recorded. Not a single car in 14 years has broken.

With us you can book a Wizz air flight ticket very cheap, for flights to Eastern and Central Europe, to other destinations. To clarify, consult, you can always write in the chat on the site, use the contact phone number (works around the clock) (022) 890-890. We sell Wizz air tickets online without breaks and weekends. You can place an order even on Sunday.

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