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It is the second largest city in the country (after Berlin), the seventh largest in the European Union and the most populated non-capital city in the European Union.

Hamburg is one of the largest port cities in Europe, located at the confluence of the Elbe River into the North Sea.

Despite the destruction of the 1940s, the city has retained certain features of medieval buildings. There are about 60 museums and 120 parks in Hamburg.


What to watch and where to go?

Elbe Philharmonic

the concert hall of Hamburg, located on the island of Grasbrook on the Elbe. The height of the 26-storey building is 110 m. The building is designed as a cultural and residential center, in addition to a large concert hall for 2,100 seats and a small hall for 550 seats, the building houses a hotel with 244 rooms, 45 apartments, shops, restaurants and parking. There is an observation deck on the eighth floor, open to the public. Every day, up to 17,000 guests flock to HafenCity to explore the city and harbor; this makes the Philharmonic one of the most popular attractions in Europe.

Miniature wonderland

Museum in Hamburg with the world's largest operating railway model, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Located in the historic town of Speicherstadt in the port of Hamburg and operated by Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg GmbH. The length of the railway is 15,715 meters on a scale of 1:87; 1,040 trains run along the miniature railway. The occupied area is 1499 square meters.

Hamburg Kunsthalle

art museum in Hamburg. The museum is housed in two interconnected buildings located between the central railway station and the Alster river embankment on the site of the fortress wall that once defended the city. Traditionally, the central place in the Hamburg Kunsthalle is the collection of the 19th century. However, the museum also has a department of old masters and modernism.

Church of st michael

the main Protestant church of Hamburg, one of the most significant architectural structures in Northern Germany, which is the "hallmark" of the city. The late Baroque temple dedicated to the Archangel Michael is also known as the Big Michel. The Church of St. Michael is located in the southern quarter of the New Town, the tower of the church is clearly visible from ships bound for the port of Hamburg, forming the sea façade of the Free Hanseatic City.

Hagenbeck Zoo

zoo located in the German city of Hamburg. It was opened on May 7, 1907 and became the first zoo in the world in which the natural conditions of their habitat - trees, reservoirs, rocks - were recreated for animals. The area of the zoo is 25 hectares. It is a network of trails and paths about 7 km long, walking along which you can see 210 species of animals.

Church of St. Nicholas

neo-gothic church, one of the five Lutheran churches in the city of Hamburg. The second tallest building in Hamburg. Memorial dedicated to the victims of war and tyranny in 1933-1945.

Old tunnel under the Elbe in Hamburg

one of the oldest underwater tunnels in Europe, an engineering monument of the early 20th century, still functioning. The 426.5 meter long tunnel consists of two parallel passages with an inner diameter of 4.8 meters each. It was originally designed not only as a pedestrian, but also to move cars and horse-drawn carriages. In this regard, the height of the tunnel was made sufficient for the coachman to swing the whip.

Chocolate Museum CHOCOVERSUM

- an interactive chocolate museum where you can take part in a tasting and invent your own chocolate.

Hamburg Botanical Garden (Plantin-un-Blomen)

public park in Hamburg, founded in 1930. Occupies an area of 47 hectares. The first plant in the park is the plane tree, planted in November 1821 by Johann Georg Christian Lehmann. It can be seen at the entrance from the Hamburg Dammtor train station. The park is famous for its dancing fountains, theater and musical performances.

International Maritime Museum Hamburg

The opening took place on June 25, 2008 in the presence of German President Horst Köhler and First Mayor of Hamburg Ole von Beust. The museum received the status of an "international maritime museum". The private museum of Peter Tamm has a collection of model ships, construction plans, uniforms and marine equipment, more than 40,000 items and more than one million photographs.


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