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What to see and do in Iasi

Palace of Culture

building in the Romanian city of Iasi. Until 1955, the building was occupied by administrative and judicial institutions, then four museums were opened there. Currently, they are part of an organization called the National Museum Complex "Moldova". In addition, the building houses the Center for the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage. It also hosts various exhibitions and other events. The Palace of Culture is listed on the National Register of Historic Monuments.

Three Saints Monastery

Monastery of the Iasi Archdiocese of the Romanian Orthodox Church in the city of Iasi. The monastery is included in the preliminary list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The monastery was built in 1637-1639 under the auspices of the Moldavian ruler Vasily Lupu.

Kopou Park

the oldest public park in Romania. Located on the hill of the same name in the center of the city of Iasi. The laying of the city park began in 1834 during the reign of the ruler of the Moldavian principality, Mikhail Sturdza. The park today covers about 10 hectares. Now a favorite place for walking locals and tourists.

Metropolitan Cathedral

Cathedral of the Iasi Archdiocese and the Moldavian-Bukovina Metropolis of the Romanian Orthodox Church. The cathedral is included in the list of historical monuments of Romania. The relics of St. Paraskeva of Serbia are kept in the cathedral, making it one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in Romania.

Chetetsu Monastery

Chetetsuya Monastery in the name of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul is a male monastery of the Iasi Archdiocese of the Romanian Orthodox Church in the city of Iasi. The monastery is surrounded by fortress walls with defensive towers at the corners and had a defensive function. The monastery was built by the ruler George Duka in 1669-1672.

Goli Monastery

Golia Monastery in honor of the Ascension of the Lord - the monastery of the Iasi Archdiocese of the Romanian Orthodox Church in the city of Iasi. It is located in the northeastern part of medieval Iasi and was of great defensive importance.

Memorial House-Museum of Ion Creanga

The Memorial House-Museum of Ion Creanga in Humuleşti is a memorial museum established in the house where he was born and raised by the Romanian storyteller Ion Creanga (1837-1889).

Botanical Garden of Anastasia Fatou

The Botanical Garden of Iasi, currently named after its founder, Anastasia Fetu, is a botanical garden located in the Copu Iasi region, Romania. Founded in 1856 and maintained by the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, it is the oldest and largest botanical garden in Romania.

Library of the Central University. Mihai Eminescu in Iasi

serves the Iasi University in Romania. The library was founded on November 8, 1839 and opened on November 23, 1841, continuing the tradition of activity and glory of the old Academia Vasiliană library founded in 1640.

Exhibition park

a park located in the Copu Hill area, Iasi, Romania.

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