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Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece in terms of population, economic, historical and cultural significance.

The administrative center of the municipality of the same name, the peripheral unit of the same name and the periphery of Central Macedonia.

Located at an altitude of 20 m above sea level, it stretches like an amphitheater from the shore of Thessaloniki Bay in the depths of the Thermaikos Gulf of the Aegean Sea to the slopes of the Chortiatis Mountains (1201 m) in the southwest[5], 513 km from Athens.

The area is 18.266 km².

The population of the community is 315 thousand people, the urban agglomeration is 788 thousand people, the regional agglomeration is more than 1 million inhabitants.

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City: Thessaloniki

City code: SKG

Country: Greece

Country code: GR

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