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Kiev International Airport

Flight from Kiev International Airport – designated for accessible and quick flights to the most popular destinations all over the world.
Kiev International Airport is located at 7 km South-West of the capital city center of Ukraine. The airport belongs to Kiev Municipality and is located in the district Zhuliany.
Apart from regular passenger flights, the International Kiev Airport is one of the main airports that operates business flights and is considered to be one of the busiest business aviation centers in Europe. The airport serves 2,6 millions of passengers annually.
Travelling form the airport is simple and comfortable as the airport offers different means of transport that will fit any expectations. The passengers can take taxi service, rent-a-car services, the trolleybus 22, the route 78 for Kiev Airport - Olzhycha streetor to usethe urban electric trains service, the station of which is located at 0,5 km from the airport.

As the most of modern airports, Kiev International Airport offers passengers shopping zones, restaurants, cafes and VIP Lounge. The airport offers high-level services for different passengers, no matter is this a young couple, a family with kids or a single traveler. Pregnant women or families with kids under 5 years old, have free access to the playground that offers many recreation options before flights. Kiev International Airport offers all year round direct flights from Kiev to Minsk, Baku, Warsaw, Budapest, Koln, Munich, Athens, Copenhagen, Vienna, Vilnius, Tallinn, including the direct flight from Chisinau to Kiev, as well as a seasonal flight to Barcelona, Corfu, Antalya, Heraklion, Tirana, Tivat and other summer holidays destinations.
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Zhuliany Intl





Airport : Zhuliany Intl

Airport code : IEV

Medium airport

Latitude : 50.4016990661621
Longitude : 30.4496994018555

City : Kiev

City code : IEV

Country : Ukraine

Country code : UA

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