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Odessa International Airport

About Odessa International Airport. Flight to Odessa Airport - perfect for the beginning of an unforgettable rest!
The airport is located very close to the Black Sea and only 7 km from Odessa, being the third largest airport in Ukraine. Although it is relatively a small airport, it has everything that you need for the beginning and the end of a holiday. Inside the airport, passengers can benefit from restaurants, shopping areas, VIP lounge and parking. It serves about 2 million passengers annually.
Departure from the airport is quite easy and simple, offering the possibility to rent a car and also has several bus and taxi routes. According to European standards Odessa International Airport is an airport of first class and has ILS CAT I status.
From the end of 2019, flights from Odessa are performed from a new passenger terminal. Also, a new runway equipped with new radio landing systems is completed, the light and meteorological signaling equipment ensures the continuous operation of the airport and smooth landings.
Odessa International Airport has direct connections throughout the year with Chisinau, Riga, Tel Aviv, Sofia, Baku, Vienna, Dubai, Istanbul, Prague and other cities, as well as seasonal connections with Barcelona, Antalya, Sharm El Sheikh, Batumi and other locations.

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Airport : Odessa

Airport code : ODS

Large airport

Latitude : 46.4267997741699
Longitude : 30.6765003204346

City : Odessa

City code : ODS

Country : Ukraine

Country code : UA

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