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It is the largest city of the country and its political, administrative, economical and cultural centre.

The name Chisinau comes from Romanian word "chisla noua" which reffers to a spring on the corner of Pushkin and Albisoara streets around which the original city was built .

Chisinau has its own emblem and flag which has been changed several times . Today's emblem was designed after Bessarabia was joined to Romania. It represents escutcheon with a golden eagle on an azure background. The eagle has an emblem on its breast containing the head of a bull, a star, a rose and a half-moon symbols of the Moldovan pricipality. This emblem was restored after the dissolution of the USSR. The modern flag of Chisinau is white with the emblem of the city situated in the center. The emblem is laid over a semiabstract branch of white and brown flowers.

Chisinau is situated in the centre of the republic on the river Bic. The city lies on seven hills and occupies the territory of around 120 sq. km. In Chisinau there are 23 lakes which are mostly situated in the parks.

The capital of Moldova is considered to be one of the greenest cities in Europe. There are many parks in the city and the trees grow on almost every street.


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Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ

The cathedral was built in 1830-1836 as the main temple of the city in the style of Russian classicism. On October 13, 1836, the consecration of the cathedral and the chapel took place. The project of the cathedral was developed by the architect Abraham Melnikov by order of the Governor-General of Novorossiya and Bessarabia Mikhail Vorontsov.

Stefan cel Mare park

The public park of Stefan cel Mare is the oldest park in Moldova. It was built in 1818 at the initiative of the wife of the governor A. N. Bakhmetev. The name of the poet A.S. Pushkin is very strongly associated with this park. Pushkin often liked to relax in the park. This park is a monument of gardening art and is considered the most well-groomed park in Chisinau.

Triumphal Arch

a monument of history and architecture in the center of Chisinau, Moldova. Located on the Great National Assembly Square next to the Cathedral Square. Built in 1846 under the direction of the architect I. Zaushkevich to accommodate a bell weighing 6.4 tons, cast from captured Turkish cannons. The arch was erected in honor of the victory in the Russian-Turkish war.

National Museum of the History of Moldova

was founded in 1983 in the building of the former 1st Chisinau male gymnasium.

The museum is divided into several parts: Archeology and Ancient History, Medieval History, History of Bessarabia, Modern History, Treasures. The National Museum of the History of Moldova has a collection of about 300 thousand items of historical value: archaeological finds, documents, photographs, numismatics, everyday objects, decorative and artistic arts.


The pearl of Moldovan winemaking "Cricova" is located in the central region of Moldova. It is here, at a depth of 60 meters, that magnificent, aromatic Cricova wines are kept, the quality of which is recognized throughout the world.

In this beautiful place, the true traditions of winemaking have been preserved. "Cricova" is the first enterprise in Moldova that produces sparkling wines the way the monk - winemaker Pierre Perignon prepared it - "Methode Traditionelle"

National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History

It was founded in October 1889 on the basis of the collection of exhibits of the first agricultural exhibition of Bessarabia on the initiative of Baron A. Stewart. Thus, it is the oldest museum in the Republic of Moldova, functioning at the moment.


a pond on the Durlesti brook in the park of the same name in the west of the central part of Chisinau. It was originally called Komsomolskoye Lake, as it was built by the city's Komsomol members in 1951-52. In 2006, the drainage of the reservoir began. From 2007 to 2010, about 450-470 thousand cubic meters of silt were removed and removed from the bottom. Water filling started in 2011

Monument to Stefan cel Mare

one of the main monuments of Chisinau and one of the symbols of the Republic of Moldova. The monument to the ruler of Moldova from April 12, 1457 to July 2, 1504, the ruler of Moldova, Stephen the Great was installed at the main entrance to the park "Stephen the Great" from the Great National Assembly Square, on the boulevard. Stefan cel Mare, in Chisinau.

Stefan III is depicted wearing the crown and rich attire of the Moldovan ruler.

Arboretum Park

City park with playgrounds and sports grounds, fountains, gardens, hiking trails, a lake and benches.

Mimi Castle

located 30 km from the Chisinau airport and is a landmark of international importance, unique in Moldova. Mimi Castle is currently ranked among the most beautiful architectural masterpieces in the world of wine. The history of the castle begins in 1893, when Constantin Mimi, the last governor of Bessarabia, planted the first vines on a site that will become a legend for many years.

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Picturesque and relaxed, touchingly open and strikingly cozy, mentally close and at the same time mysterious, the Moldovan capital justifiably claims to be the most charming city in Eastern Europe. By purchasing air tickets in Chisinau, you will plunge into the unique world of noisy markets, green squares, expositions and cozy coffee houses located everywhere. The capital of Moldova is not distinguished by vanity and high prices, which cannot but bribe the guests of the city.


The capital Chisinau is the country’s main tourist destination, with beautiful Orthodox churches, museums and parks offering free wi-fi – a real life saver to any traveller! The cities of Balti and Soroca are also popular tourist destinations. The latter is considered the country’s Gypsy capital and is home to Soroca Fortress, built by Stephen The Great in the end of the 15th century. His reign lasted almost 50 years and he led the country and many battles to guarantee its independence from its neighbours. Among them were the Ottoman Empire, the Kingdom of Hungary and the Kingdom of Poland.


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