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Chisinau is the capital of Moldova. It is the largest city of the country and its political, administrative, economical and cultural centre.

The name Chisinau comes from Romanian word "chisla noua" which reffers to a spring on the corner of Pushkin and Albisoara streets around which the original city was built .

Chisinau has its own emblem and flag which has been changed several times . Today's emblem was designed after Bessarabia was joined to Romania. It represents escutcheon with a golden eagle on an azure background. The eagle has an emblem on its breast containing the head of a bull, a star, a rose and a half-moon symbols of the Moldovan pricipality. This emblem was restored after the dissolution of the USSR. The modern flag of Chisinau is white with the emblem of the city situated in the center. The emblem is laid over a semiabstract branch of white and brown flowers.

Chisinau is situated in the centre of the republic on the river Bic. The city lies on seven hills and occupies the territory of around 120 sq. km. In Chisinau there are 23 lakes which are mostly situated in the parks.

The capital of Moldova is considered to be one of the greenest cities in Europe. There are many parks in the city and the trees grow on almost every street.


The capital Chisinau is the country’s main tourist destination, with beautiful Orthodox churches, museums and parks offering free wi-fi – a real life saver to any traveller! The cities of Balti and Soroca are also popular tourist destinations. The latter is considered the country’s Gypsy capital and is home to Soroca Fortress, built by Stephen The Great in the end of the 15th century. His reign lasted almost 50 years and he led the country and many battles to guarantee its independence from its neighbours. Among them were the Ottoman Empire, the Kingdom of Hungary and the Kingdom of Poland.


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City: Chisinau

City code: KIV

Country: Moldova

Country code: MD


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