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One of the main European cities and the world center for culture, art, fashion and gastronomy.


What to watch and where to go?

Eiffel Tower

a metal tower in the center of Paris, its most recognizable architectural landmark. Named after chief designer Gustave Eiffel; Eiffel himself called it simply "the 300-meter tower." The tower, which later became the symbol of Paris, was built in 1889 and was originally conceived as a temporary structure that served as the entrance arch of the Paris World Exhibition of 1889. The Eiffel Tower is called the most visited paid and most photographed attraction in the world.

Louvre Museum

one of the largest and most popular art museums in the world. The museum is located in the center of Paris, on the right bank of the Seine, on rue Rivoli, in the 1st arrondissement of the capital. In 2018, the number of visitors to the Louvre exceeded 10 million, which is a record. The building of the museum is an old royal palace. The equestrian statue of Louis XIV marks the starting point of the so-called historical axis of Paris. The Louvre is one of the oldest museums with a rich history of collecting artistic and historical relics in France, from the Capetian dynasty to the present day.

Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris

also the Parisian cathedral Notre Dame or Notre Dame de Paris - a Catholic church in the center of Paris, one of the symbols of the French capital. Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Paris. Located in the eastern part of the Ile de la Cité, in the 4th arrondissement, on the site of the first Christian church in Paris - St. Stephen's Basilica, built, in turn, on the foundations of the Gallo-Roman Temple of Jupiter. The Gothic cathedral was erected at the initiative of the Parisian bishop Maurice de Sully in the period 1163-1345.

Triumphal Arch

a monument in the 8th arrondissement of Paris on the Place Charles de Gaulle, erected in 1806-1836 by the architect of the French Empire, Jean-François Chalgrin. The arch project "in the ancient Roman style" was developed by order of Napoleon Bonaparte to commemorate the victories of his "Great Army". The composition of the single-span Arch of Triumph of Titus at the Roman Forum was taken as a basis. After Chalgren's death in 1811, the construction was continued by the architect Jean-Arnaud Raymond.

Basilica of the Sacre Coeur

Catholic church in Paris, built in 1875-1914 by the architect Paul Abadi in the Roman-Byzantine style, located on the top of the Montmartre hill, at the highest point of the city.


a palace and park ensemble in France, the former residence of the French kings in the city of Versailles, now a suburb of Paris; center of tourism of world importance. Versailles was built under the leadership of Louis XIV in 1661 and became a kind of monument to the era of the "sun king", an artistic and architectural expression of the idea of absolutism. Leading architects are Louis Levo and Jules Hardouin-Mansart, the creator of the park is André Le Nôtre. The ensemble of Versailles, the largest in Europe, is distinguished by a unique integrity of design and harmony of architectural forms and a transformed landscape. In 1979, the Palace of Versailles and the park were included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. Many significant events in French and world history are associated with Versailles.


or Orsay, Musée d'Orsay, or Musée d'Orsay, a museum of fine arts, one of the world's largest collections of European painting and sculpture from the period 1850-1910. The third most popular museum in Paris and the tenth in the world. The core of the collection is made up of works by the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists. The collection is also rich in art nouveau decorative art, photographs and architectural objects. The Orsay Museum is one of the largest art museums in Europe. More than 3.6 million people visited the museum in 2019.

The Georges Pompidou National Center for Art and Culture

in common parlance, the Georges Pompidou Center, the Pompidou Center or Beaubourg is a cultural center in the Beaubourg quarter of the 4th arrondissement of Paris between the quarters of Les Halles and Marais. The center's activities are dedicated to the study and support of contemporary art and art of the 20th century in its various manifestations.

Luxemburg Garden

a palace and park ensemble in the center of Paris, a famous landmark of the city. The former royal, and now the state palace park in the Parisian Latin Quarter covers an area of 26 hectares. The park houses the Luxembourg Palace, which houses the Senate, the second chamber of the French parliament. The Luxembourg Gardens from the north are bounded by the palace of the same name and the "Small Palace", which is the official residence of the President of the Senate, the greenhouse and the Luxembourg Museum, and from the east - by the Paris Higher National School of Mining.

"Moulin rouge"

classic cabaret in Paris, built in 1889, one of the landmarks of the French capital. Located in the 18th municipality, on Boulevard Clichy, in the red-light district near Place Pigalle. The nearest metro station is line 2, Blanche station.

Paris walks

You don't need maps or navigators to walk around Paris. Here, every building, street, public garden keeps its own history. You just fall in love with Paris from the first minute.


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