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The largest city in the state of Hesse and the fifth largest in Germany with a population of 732 thousand people (as of 2015).

The city is the center of the large metropolitan region of the Rhine-Main with a population of 5.6 million, the second largest region in Germany.
The city is located on an ancient ferry on the Main River and is located on the territory of Franconia, a land inhabited by the Franks. This is where the name of the city comes from - “ferry of the francs”.

This is one of the world's "alpha cities" (There are 20 of them in the world). The largest exhibitions of various topics are held in Frankfurt on an annual basis. Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung is the world's largest trade fair for the automotive industry,
Frankfurter Buchmesse is the world's largest book fair and Musikmesse is the world's largest music and light processing trade fair.

Frankfurt is a cultural and scientific center, which houses the Goethe University, many museums and two large botanical gardens - the Tropical Garden and the Botanical Garden of the Goethe University. Frankfurt is also one of the three cities in the European Union with a record number of skyscrapers.


What to see and do

Mainower - skyscraper

The height of the skyscraper is 200 m, there is an observation deck on the roof. The height with the mast is 240 m. The Maintower is the fourth tallest skyscraper in Frankfurt. The building has four underground floors and 56 ground floors, the elevator rises to the upper floor at a speed of 7 m / s. The construction took place in 1996-1999 according to the project of the Hamburg architectural bureau Schweger & Partner.

Shtedelev Art Institute and City Gallery

art museum in Frankfurt am Main, one of the most important collections of art in Germany. The museum contains 2,700 paintings and 600 sculptures, the collection of graphics is about one hundred thousand works. The art institute got its name after its founder - Frankfurt banker and merchant Johann Friedrich Staedel.

Goethe House Museum - House Museum in Frankfurt am Main

the exposition of which is dedicated to the writer, thinker, philosopher and statesman Johann Wolfgang Goethe.

Palmengarten or Palm Garden

the historic park complex of Frankfurt am Main, founded in the second half of the 19th century. It is located in the southern part of the Westend area and, covering an area of 22 hectares, is the largest botanical garden in the city. The green oasis, which contains plants from all parts of the world, is very popular with residents and visitors of Frankfurt, who come here to see the rich collection of the garden or just take a walk among the fragrant flowers and spreading greenery.

Gallery "Schirn"

an art gallery in the Altstadt district of Frankfurt am Main, opened in February 1986 in a building with an area of about 2000 m², designed by the architectural office "BJSS" - the eastern end of the elongated structure connects with the southern portal of the belfry of Frankfurt Cathedral; does not have its own collection and since its opening has held more than two hundred temporary exhibitions, both thematic and personal.

Frankfurt Zoological GardenM/h3> covers an area of 13 hectares in the center of Frankfurt and is one of the largest zoos in Germany.

Frankfurt cathedral

the largest temple in Frankfurt am Main, where the coronation ceremonies of the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire were held earlier. Throughout its history, Frankfurt Cathedral was a Kaiser cathedral, not a cathedral of a bishopric. Its great importance as a national symbol is based rather on its political-historical role in the Holy Roman Empire. In the 19th century, the cathedral became a symbol of the unity of the German nation.

The Imperial Cathedral of St. Bartholomew

it was here that the coronation ceremonies of the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire were held. In the 19th century, the cathedral became a symbol of the unity of the German nation. On the site of the cathedral in the 1st century there were religious buildings, which were rebuilt many times until the 13th century, when the cathedral acquired its present appearance. In addition to its historical significance, the cathedral contains a valuable relic - the upper part of the skull of the Apostle Bartholomew, who is considered his patron.

Old opera

a former opera house, now a concert hall and congress center in Frankfurt am Main. The building was designed by the Berlin architect Richard Luke. The theater was opened on October 20, 1880. The first performance was Mozart's opera Don Giovanni. One of the guests was the German Kaiser Wilhelm I, who, after inspecting the building, said "I couldn't afford this in Berlin."

Since its restoration after the Second World War, the opera building has functioned as a concert hall, and all operas are held directly at the Novaya Opera. Remarkable is the fact that until the end of the 70s the opera remained destroyed and was jokingly called "the most beautiful ruins of Germany." But at the end of the 20th century it was restored to almost its original form.


public place in Frankfurt, Germany. It is opposite the Römer building complex, the seat of Frankfurt's city administration since the 15th century.

Eiserner steg

pedestrian bridge over the river Main in the city of Frankfurt, Germany, which connects the center of Frankfurt with the Sachsenhausen district. The first forged bridge was built in 1868. In 1911/12 it was replaced by a slightly larger cantilever bridge.


Frankfurt's most famous shopping street, most of which is open only to pedestrians. There are many shops and shops along it, as well as a lot of historical monuments. This is the widest street in the city, in every sense of the word, here you can enjoy a walk with a historical excursion and go shopping.

Guardhouse building

Located on the eponymous square on Zeil Street. This is the building of the main guard, built in the Baroque style, which gave the name to the square. Here was the headquarters of the city police Stadtwer and contained a prison building. Now the building houses a cafe. It is noteworthy that the Guardhouse was repeatedly rebuilt and once even completely dismantled and rebuilt.

Römer Old Town Hall in Frankfurt am Main

For over 600 years, the building with its distinctive stepped pediment has been a symbol of the city. The name of the town hall building was given by the middle of three previously independent buildings, which is called "House of the Roman" (German: Haus zu Römer)

For many centuries, Römer has meant the town hall complex for Frankfurt am Main.


Frankfurt boasts a very mild climate, as it is located in one of the warmest regions of Germany. He will welcome guests at any time of the year, whether it be Christmas holidays, Easter holidays or summer holidays. But it is best to come to Frankfurt in late spring - early summer, when the sun has not yet gained strength and walking in the parks can be combined with sightseeing.


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