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Airport: Boryspil (KBP), Kiev / Ukraine. Buy Chisinau - Boryspil flight ticket

Kiev Boryspil International Airport (KBP), information, flights, online schedule.

Boryspil International Airport

About Boryspil International Airport. Flight to Boryspil International Airport in Kiev - it is the largest in area and the busiest in terms of the number of flights and destinations it serves. Flight tickets to Boryspil Airport in Ukraine - an airport that provides over 62% of all flights in the country annually. It has a modern infrastructure and offers high quality services to its customers. The airport provides optimal conditions for all passengers, with shopping areas, cafes and restaurants.

A great advantage of the airport is its geographical position being at the intersection of several international routes, namely between Asia, Europe and even North America. It is close to Kiev and offers the possibility to get from the airport to the city in favorable conditions by various means of transport such as: taxi, Kiev Boryspil express or bus routes. Interesting information about Boryspil airport:
- Boryspil Airport was inaugurated on May 20, 1965;
- The airport serves up to 15 million passengers annually;
- It has about 60 national routes and 120 international routes;
- It is one of the largest airports in Europe.

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Airport : Boryspil

Airport code : KBP

Large airport

Latitude : 50.3450012207031
Longitude : 30.8946990966797

City : Kiev

City code : IEV

Country : Ukraine

Country code : UA

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