Many travelers often face unforeseen situations when they intend to take a private or business trip with air transport. These situations can be set by numerous international regulations for aviation security, internal rules, both of the airports and the airlines, but are mandatory if they are to arrive on board the aircraft. At the initial stage of people facing difficulties in providing complete and accurate information about the travels by plane: search and comparison of airline prices, hotel booking system and on-line booking of purchased flight tickets, information about flight destinations, airlines, luggage rules, different age categories, check-in and check-out procedures, route connections and much more.

In order to simplify our clients’ efforts in search of various useful information resources, AVIA.MD unified all relevant data on the subject of air travel on a site and created a system of intelligent search, booking and payment online of the cheap air tickets, which uses the information data of about 400 airlines worldwide, which performs international flights and integrates the most efficient mechanisms for determining the most optimal route planning criteria: direct flight, flight through connection (the system automatic ally calculates the minimum time allowed for the connection of each flight), and ticket prices.

The system is continuously improved and updated with information provided directly from air carriers and, besides the searched destination, offers passengers a variety of alternative options of choice. The search results give customers real-time data and inform accurately about the flights available to the specific airline.

AVIA.MD managers are at clients’ disposal to provide competent information and qualified support in order to help them to purchase tickets at advantageous terms, using the online booking system of the agency office, which customers can visit daily during the week: working days from 8:00 to 20:00, Saturdays from 9:00 to 18:00, Sundays from 10:00 to 17:00, or on the number phone +373-22-890-890.

If your place of residence or work is located far away from AVIA.MD offices or you are abroad, the best way out is our on-line reservation and purchase service, the use of which is incredibly simple and does not create difficulties even for people who are facing it for the first time – a step-by-step guide will not allow you to make mistakes and permit you to go back to the previous step to make changes to the destination you are looking for.

The AVIA.MD system of on-line booking, search, and purchase of air tickets is designed by the best experts in the field and many years of experience has been imposed as an extremely reliable, integrated in a modern network, recognized and certified internationally, with many degrees of protection, remote payment services provided.

A qualitative distinction of AVIA.MD from other resources is that if such a site provides information about the ticket price of the last customer demand stored in the system, but when one tries to book a ticket the price for it may change, then the AVIA.MD  buyers see the real image, and the price information is presented in an easy accessible form. Below are some useful tips for buying cheap flights for regular flights:

  • It is advisable to purchase air tickets early. The price is guaranteed lower if you schedule your departure about 2-3 months ahead. This is the most appropriate time to find cheap air tickets. Immediately before the trip, ticket prices are up 10-20%.
  • At the booking stage always specify the type of the fare. There are conditions, according to which the return of the airline ticket is not accepted.
  • During the vacation and holidays the probability of buying cheap airline tickets is reduced. In these periods, airlines do not reduce prices and offer discounts. The cheapest category “one way” is usually more expensive than “round-trip”.
  • Airline tickets at weekends are more expensive than on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
  • If it is possible to manage the journey – the system offers prices in the near days (until and after) the requested date, but at much more advantageous prices.
  • There are options when the air transit flight is more advantageous than the direct one. This flight will cost much cheaper than a direct flight. Our Manager will consult with you to select the most convenient connections.
  • Booking and payment on our website or by bank card does not evade additional taxes and fees.

All useful tips listed for cheap flights are also available for regular flights, also applied by low cost airline companies with low-cost airline tickets. This field is very fast developing with good prospects. Attention! The number of low-priced airline tickets is always limited, so we recommend that you take care of their pre-purchasing and we ask you to contact AVIA.MD managers to succeed in becoming a cheap ticket owner.

Rates for airline tickets, also heavily depend on several factors, such as excess baggage to transport merchandise, hand luggage, choice of airplane seats, check-in method and others.

It is also necessary to know that airlines react very quickly to the demands of the market and immediately lay down new routes for popular destinations among travelers. Therefore, we recommend our clients AVIA.MD tracking news, where news and subscriptions to our newsletter are displayed to keep up with the latest developments.

When contacting AVIA.MD specialists, you will receive all the most comprehensive and competent information in a multidimensional and dynamic development field with many changes, such as the airline industry.

AVIA.MD wishes you pleasant travels and will appeal to become our loyal customers!

Advantages of AVIA.MD – the best airfares prices

  1. Prices of air tickets, flight schedules, and information regarding availability of seats are displayed on-line.
  2. The cheap airline search engine displays the site among the top search engines.
  3. Reservation, but also the place on the plane can be made directly from the airline through the AMADEUS global reservation system (Global Distribution System “Amadeus”)

Booking tickets on AVIA.MD  – is one of the most convenient and efficient ways of buying tickets. Information about the cost of tickets and the availability of seats AVIA.MD takes from the same professional booking systems that are installed in all the Moldovan and worldwide aviation agencies. But, on our website, you can see the best prices on air tickets and you can book places at any time.