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On the website of you can book flight tickets Aeroflot (SU), incl. with delivery in Chisinau. Are you planning a business trip or are you going to visit relatives? Fly to the resort, an important event, a concert? Often in the process there may be problems with finding a flight that would be suitable for dates and times. We will help you find the right option in advance, make a reservation and buy flight tickets of Aeroflot online (SU) without queues and other negative details.

About «Aeroflot» .

Aeroflot Airlines (SU) is the successor of the Soviet carrier of the same name. For many years, it was considered the best in all of Eastern Europe. The base airport is located in Sheremetyevo (SVO) in Moscow, but also has its centers in the cities of St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Vladivostok, etc.

The advantages include:

  • A huge fleet of vehicles - more than 160 aircraft;
  • Regular updates - the average age of cars is 4 - 5 years;
  • Flights to 125 destinations, of which 82 are outside the Russian Federation;
  • Own low costs;
  • Comfortable salons.

The park consists of such planes as the Airbus A320 and F330, the Sukhoi Superjet 100, and the American airliners of Boeing. The condition of each machine is regularly checked by safety technicians.

The level of comfort in Aeroflot plane has long been not inferior to the best offers of European competitors. The cabin has ergonomic and comfortable chairs, there are multimedia systems, high-quality air-conditioning. For an additional fee - access to wireless Internet, even in economy class. Appreciate the service and food.

Finding Aeroflot flights online is easy. It is enough to select “other preferences - airlines” in the search options and specify this carrier. So you exclude search results by receiving offers from only one company.

Please note that the average prices for Aeroflot airplane tickets are lower than many Western companies, which offerring flights that offer flights to the same destinations.

Avia.Md Company offers to book low cost flight tickets of Aeroflot on our website. You can get them in several ways:

  • In the office of the company;
  • By courier, if you are in Chisinau;

You can pay for Aeroflot flight tickets in cash, by card or by other methods specified in the appropriate section of the site.

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