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Ireland is a place full of legends and fairy tales. The famous Leprechaun guarding his pot of gold, good and evil fairies, elves, magic, all come from this wonderful country. But the nature! It is almost impossible to find words to accurately describe the splendor that the tourists can feel when they come here. It is very hard to break away your gaze from the countless flowers and trees. Yes, the Irish can be called genuinely happy people, because they can enjoy all this beauty that so many others can. The nature here is not the same as in other countries. The air is saturated with the fresh smell of the ocean, all mixed with the permanently fresh smell of the rich forests. A pretty interesting fact is that scientists have discovered that the green color has a very positive influence on our nervous system, reducing irritability and increasing stress resistance. In Ireland, amidst a sea of green, is the perfect place for calmness and serenity. Of course the uniqueness of this country does not end in the abundance of greenery and nature. Ireland has a very rich history, and tourists will be able to enjoy plenty of monuments, museums and other things alike. The tours held there are of the highest level.


Things to do and places to visit in Ireland:

The ideal option is to visit Irelands capital, Dublin. Elegant buildings, dating back to the Gregorian century, a plethora of pubs, where you will get to taste delicious meals and beverages, comfortable hotels. All of this awaits you in Dublin. The Liffey River, which flows through Dublin, is very different from the ordinary urban rivers. It is like a village river, with fresh and clean water. And in it, there is a fair number of fish that can please any passionate fisherman as well.


It is of utmost importance to pay attention to the architecture of the city. Here they have plenty of architectural attractions. It is worth to look in all directions – and you will see beautiful old buildings and stately monuments. Dublin is like a small kingdom, the only differences are that they have shops and modern cars. As far as the climate is concerned, it is quite rainy in Dublin, which is a real treat for romantics, melancholics, and for people who just love the autumn weather. In winter time, it seldom snows but you will still be able to see the streets and roofs covered with a layer of snow. Some compare Dublin to a real miracle and not a city!


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