Low cost flights – the name of carriers accepted in aviation sphere, offering passengers tickets at discounted prices, due to the refusal of some traditional services at the airport and on the board of the aircraft.

The most widespread ways of activity of low cost companies:

  • One class-in aircraft are not provided business or economy classes-all passengers fly under the same conditions
  • One type of aircraft – significantly reduces training and maintenance costs
  • Modern and regularly renewed fleet – new aircraft consume less fuel and less often break down
  • Minimum of additional equipment-reduces the weight of the aircraft, and consequently fuel consumption
  • Increase your ticket cost as the aircraft fills up – encourages advance booking, so that the purchase of tickets in advance allows you to save considerably on its price
  • In many airlines purchased low cost airline tickets are non-refundable – if you bought a ticket to low cost airline, be prepared that if you change your plans, you will lose money – read carefully the conditions of the airline when buying a ticket
  • Luggage is not included in the ticket price, it is only at an additional fee, which significantly increases the cost of the flight. However, on board you can take your hand luggage. Size and weight are strictly limited. Usually these are 55 х 40 х20 cm and 10 kg. This allows us to take with us a handbag or a small suitcase. Be careful not to have in the hand luggage anything banned (liquids, sharp objects)
  • Lack (in some cases) of the specified place in the boarding passes – free seats are taken
  • Running a large number of aircraft flights in a single day
  • Minimum of free services on board
  • On-board meals are paid separately – during the flight the stewardess carries carts with food and drinks that can be purchased at an additional cost
  • Sale of additional goods and services on board – cosmetics, souvenirs, beverages
  • The use of low cost airline companies, usually small, where the cost of rent is below
  • Usually, there are no buses that bring passengers to the plane’s ramp or drive passengers from the plane to airport – this way is traversed on foot, the plane is usually stationed very close to the airport, and this does not present any inconvenience
  • Maximum use of aircraft – low cost airline planes do not stand idle for several days at the airport. Normally, the plane arrives in a certain hour before the flight, quickly lands the passengers, takes new passengers and flies away. There are several such flights in one day.